How to Personalise

“We’re excited to share with you three short videos that showcase how we personalise products at the Happy Tribe. Each video demonstrates a different way in which we tailor our huge selection of items to suit your individual needs and preferences. We hope these videos give you a better idea of what personalisation means to us and how it can benefit you as a customer.”
Select your favourite product from our fabulous selection of styles and colours.
Personalise using patches from our collection of letters and icons, using embroidery or cricut (vinyl designs).
Enjoy your unique design, made by hand at Happy Tribe HQ and shipped to you!


Adding unique letters and patches to your products is a fantastic way to make them truly stand out. When you’re selecting an item, you’ll have the opportunity to see all the different personalisation options available, as well as an explanation of how many letters or patches you can add. With our personalisation options, you can make your product one-of-a-kind and truly reflect your personal style and taste.

Personalise a product


Embroidery is a decorative technique where a design or pattern is sewn onto a product using thread or yarn. The design is created by stitching thread through the fabric, usually following a pre-drawn pattern or design. Embroidery can be used to create a wide range of designs, from simple monograms to intricate images. Embroidery can be done using a variety of thread types, colours, and stitch techniques, allowing for a high degree of customisation and creativity.

Personalise a product

Vinyl Transfer (Cricut)

Our cricut machine allows you to create intricate designs and shapes out of vinyl in a variety of colours. The machine uses a computer-controlled blade to cut out your designs and seamlessly place it on your choice of product. This machine is pretty incredible (if we do say so ourselves!) meaning we can recreate any logo, design or text you have in mind onto nearly all of our products, and more!

Personalise a product